I am honoured to be part of the team that prepared the Merits of the Triple Gems Exhibition and also served as a narrators during the period of 10 – 27 Aug 2017.

As first of the many more exhibitions that BW Monastery wishes to have in the future, what better way to launch with showing gratitude to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha! Thanks to the Abbot, Venerable Jing Yuan for setting the direction.

The Essence of the Mahayana Buddhism
shown through Auspicious Icons

BW Monastery even trained about 80 bilingual volunteers to be narrators at the exhibition. Mega Rejoice to the narrators for stepping forward and reaching out to the public and all who came to the exhibition! Not forgetting, the fantastic lecturers who trained the narrators and members in the Training and Development Division for co-ordinating! Working together as a team with education as our focus!

Lecturers, Narrators and Volunteers who made the Exhibition a Success