8 Nov 2016

The then S15A004E, currently known as S15G027E – is a bilingual Lamrim class which started in November 2015. We began as a group of strangers from different walks of life. Now, we are like a family who shares not at the dining table but in a Lamrim class! One year is not a very long time especially if you meet only once a week, but it is amazing how we have grown connected to each other through our weekly OMAK and virtuous act sharings.
Our participation in activities like our Master’s Birthday Vast Offering, Vesak Day celebrations, Mid-Autumn Festival gathering, volunteering in the cultivation of sunflowers at Fireflies Organic Farm for the upcoming Master Remembrance Day (MDR), as well as “师心·我心”,has bonded the class and allowed us to appreciate the compassionate and wise deeds done by our Master Jih Chang for the welfare of all sentient beings.
We are moved by what we have learnt and would like to take the opportunity during the BW Monastery – GRATITUDE Project to repay the kindness of our teachers and the Triple Gems.
S15A004E got together on three occasions to brainstorm, create and improve our handmade gift to our teachers on 2016 MDR.
A video which represents our gratitude to our teachers and our aspirations on our spiritual paths is attached.


Thank you dear lineage masters and the Triple Gems!

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Irene Lee