《In cheering mode》

Who are… Who are…Who are we?

We are… We are…Bilingual!

Bilingual what?

Bilingual Lamrim!

Bilingual who?

Bilingual Lamrim Classes!


This dynamic cheer sums up the energy level of the atmosphere in KH Plaza Classroom 1 on the evening of 6th Feb 2017. This atmoshere was generated by the participants of the Combined Vast Offering organised by six Monday Bilingual Lamrim Classes. We were like enthusiastic youthful teenagers during orientation camps! High in spirits and high in blissfulness! These classes were namely: 10Z008E, 12G008E,14G007E,15G024E,15G027E and 16Z051Y with a total of about 70 participants.

We came together as a team to prepare the programme, games, food, Lo-Hei, flowers, lights and Lunar New Year songs for the event.

The youth Lamrim class was commendable as they prepared the programme and were our emcees and game masters for the night. The students also were honoured to have our Abbot Venerable Jingyuan, Venerable BenSi, Venerable Zu Guang, Venerable Zu Hong, Venerable Zu Sheng and Venerable Zu Dao to grace the occassion.

Abbot Venerable Jingyuan wished all participants a Happy New Year and encouraged us to participate in an interesting and meaningful 15th day of Lunar New Year or YuanXiao Programme by BW Monastery on Saturday, 11th Feb 2017. So do look out for more updates! The highlight of the vast offering was the sharing by 2 students from each participating class.

The sharings included the following:

1. how Lamrim classes energized our week and help us to recharge

2. the bonding forged within the Lamrim classes and the support given by the class monitors, care co-ordinators and fellow classmates in motivating each student to learn and attend classes

3. doing volunteer work together as a class

4. aspirations of becoming a better person, gaining wisdom, cultivating compassion as well as reaching the ultimate goal of becoming Buddhas

5. spreading the art of compassionate giving and sowing virtuous seeds through new partnership with our BWM community outreach charity projects

6. wishing all a joyous and rewarding year of the Rooster blessed with bliss and wisdom!

As shared by Venerable Zu Dao, she was overwhelmed by the lively vibes from all the participants as we all radiated the beauty of possessing a common heartbeat aspiring towards a common ultimate goal of Buddhahood!

Penned by: Irene Lee