2 March 2016

moral ed unit


On 27 Feb 2016, I gave a sharing to the teachers, volunteers and parents of the participants of the Moral Education Classes. The sharing was entiltled “What is your dream classroom learning environment?” We had a vast offering and prayed for the guidance of our lineage masters to empower us to plant trees of hope in our children. As the saying goes: “It takes 10 years to grow a tree but 100 years to groom a person”. We hope to educate our future generations to be contributing members of the society!

Penned by Irene Lee

2016年2月27日(六), 吉祥宝聚寺家成班、儿童班和青少年班开班前,感恩李老师来为我们上一堂宝贵的课。当晚我们也办广供,祈求师长加持并祈愿:希望树遍人间。所谓”十年树木百年树人”,希望我等为教法培养更多的人材。

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